The following features in the app will help you explore Etosha National Park and make your tour worth the visit.
My Sightings || etosha app

Your Sightings

Now you can mark what you have sighted so far in the Etosha National Park and color up your experience. There’s a feature which has collection of Mammals in the park and you can mark them off the list once you have seen them.
mammal guide || etosha app

Mammal Guide

Each mammal is portrayed with numerous, well spotted images. Information is clusterd in six categories which makes the navigation user friendly. You can find texts about its appearance, its social behavior, its diet and many more. Etosha specific information is included, eg. stating what makes the Etosha animals so unique and etc Here are some of the information you will find including, Facts, Etosha history, Diet, Gender difference, Footprint, social behavior and whatnot.

Easy to use

The app has user-friendly features which are easily understandable.

Pocket friendly

It’s affordable & worth it because it’s providing all the necessary features 24/7

Save your time

Saves you a lot of time strolling when you can just use the app for easy navigation.


This app will help you make the change you want to see! Inspire others by connecting with the wildlife and Nature.

Useful information

In this feature, there’s additional details and information provided for visitors including gate opening and closing hours, Etosha history, accommodation details, Local game driver insider tips, Emergency contact details and precautions for rules and regulation.

Etosha Map

This feature has the complete map of Etosha National Park which is also available offline for your easy navigation around the park. You can zoom in, scroll and learn about the whereabouts and nearby camps for accommodation along with their contact details.